Latest Round of Homeland Security Funding:New York City Does Better, But More Still Needs to be Done

Dec 3, 2004
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC - The Department of Homeland Security has determined the distribution of its state and local homeland security grant programs for FY2005, and while New York will see an improvement, a disproportionate amount of money still goes to states with no real terror threat. The money is generally broken up into two pots - the Urban Area Security Initiative (or “high-threat” grants) and state grant programs. While New York City saw its take of the high-threat money restored to FY2003 levels, the state as a whole continues to suffer from a bad funding formula and bad distribution by the Department of Homeland Security that keeps it far behind states like Wyoming in money allocated per person.

New York City will receive $166 million in high-threat money after the state takes its 20 percent of the allocation; last year, its take had been dramatically cut to $37.6 million after the deduction.

Meanwhile, New York State has been allocated $77.3 million of the $1.66 billion in money for states; last year, it received $103.9 million of the $2.22 billion overall. That marginal change in the distribution of state money means that disproportionate amounts still go to no-risk states. For FY05, Wyoming will receive $28.22 per person in state grants, while New York will only get $4.07.

“This is better, but more needs to be done,” said Maloney. “The administration seems to have finally gotten high-threat funding right, and I’m glad they recognized their horrible mistake of last year. Given that New York City has spent more than one billion dollars of its own funds on security since 9/11, this change is welcome.

“Our state still has a major problem. The administration continues to insist on sending a disproportionate amount of security funds to states with more cows than people. It remains a pork barrel program, which is a shame.”

Breakdown of FY05 Homeland Security Funding for New York City/State

New York City - high threat grants (after state’s 20 percent is deducted)
FY05 - $166 million
compare to:
FY04 - $37.6 million
FY03 - $124.76 million

New York State
$77,267,726 - $4.07 per person
compare to:
$13,933,869 - $28.22 per person

New York State (state grants + high-threat grants for New York City and Buffalo)
$298,350,633 - $15.72 per person
compare to:
$13,933,869 - $28.22 per person