HOMELAND HEROES NEED FEDERAL SUPPORT. Local Police, Fire, & EMS on Front Lines Against Terrorism

Dec 6, 2001
Press Release

WASHINGTON: Today, Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney (NY), Congressman Bart Stupak (MI), and fellow members of Congress announced the Empowering Local First Responders to Fight Terrorism Act of 2001. The legislation provides matching federal grants over ten years to help police, fire, and EMS units respond to terrorism threats and prepare for emergency response.

"We need to support those on the front lines of homeland security," said Maloney. "Just yesterday, the National Governors Association detailed $1 billion in additional costs to states this year for increased security measures, emergency response preparations, and for recruiting and training new personnel. For safety's sake, the states and their local police, fire, and EMS units need federal support as they work to prevent terrorism and prepare for crisis response."

The act provides for $10 billion dollars over the next ten years in matching grants to local first responder agencies- police departments, fire departments, and emergency response agencies. The grants would be used to hire and train new first responders as well as obtain equipment to assist with homeland defense efforts. In addition to Maloney and Stupak, the bill is cosponsored by New York Congress members Carolyn McCarthy and Mike McNulty, and Reps. Robert Andrews (NJ), Darlene Hooley (OR), James Maloney (CN), Luis Guitierrez (IL), Albert Wynn (MD), Martin Forst (TX), and John Murtha (PA).

"The recent terrorists attacks have put an unprecedented burden on our police departments, fire departments, and emergency response agents. Without additional funds to hire and train new first responders and obtain new equipment; our first defense against terrorism will be unable to fully carry out routine as well as new responsibilities," stated Maloney.