Floor Statement on Health Care Reform

Jul 20, 2009
Press Release
“Madam Speaker, this week – after consultation with leaders in the business community, organized labor, health care providers, patient groups, insurers, pharmaceutical makers, and small business owners – Democratic leaders introduced HR 3200, America’s Affordable Health Choice Act, which will expand access to health care, protect consumer choices, and enable over $500 billion in Medicare savings.

What is the Republicans’ answer to the health care crisis in America?

Here is a Chart of their plan.


Our bill, Americas Affordable Health Choice Act, addresses the needs of all Americans, including the nearly 50 million without health insurance, by maintaining the freedom to chose individual health providers, improving care, and  increasing choice and competition with a new public option.

It’s time for our Republican colleagues to join us in getting serious about health care reform.”

To watch a video of Representative Maloney delivering this statement in the U.S. House of Representatives, click here