FDA’s Delay of Decision on Morning-After Pill: “They Can’t Argue With the Science, So They Have to Hide Behind a Technicality,” Says Rep. Maloney

Aug 26, 2005
Press Release

 WASHINGTON, DC - The Food and Drug Administration has decided to delay its decision on whether to permit over-the-counter sales of the so-called Morning-After Pill, even though the agency admits that its scientists have deemed it safe for over-the-counter use. The FDA said that the application to make the Plan B contraceptive available over-the-counter only for those over 17 years of age requires a review of current regulations. The FDA had previously made assurances that it would make a decision by last week.  

Rep. Carolyn Maloney (NY-14), who has repeatedly called on the FDA to grant over-the-counter status, issued the following statement:

“For quite awhile, many of us have said that the FDA is letting extreme right-wing politics overtake science,” said Maloney. “There is no debate about the science, there is no doubt that Plan B is safe for over-the-counter use. Since they can’t argue with the science, they have to hide behind a technicality. This is a broken promise, and they chose Women’s Equality Day of all days to break it. For the sake of women’s health, the FDA needs to stop stalling.”