Congresswoman Maloney Receives Award From Statewide Professional Women's Association

Jun 6, 2002
Press Release
New York: The New York State Business and Professional Women organization (BPW/NYS) presented Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney (NY) with their "Woman of the Year" Award today for her legislative achievements and advocacy on behalf of women in the workplace.

BPW/NYS is a state member of the BPW nationwide association dedicated to achieving equity for all women in the workplace through advocacy, education and information.

Congresswoman Maloney said, "The challenges for an organization like Business and Professional Women are immense, but clearly, so is the talent BPW has for meeting those challenges. Bringing together this many talented, motivated women is essential to creating a world in which women can earn the jobs they deserve, and the pay they not only deserve, but need."

Congresswoman Maloney thanked the members of BPW/NYS for the award, commenting that the organization should continue in its fight to change the agenda and to promote issues significant to women.

In her remarks, Rep. Maloney detailed information from an alarming Congressional report she commissioned with Congressman John Dingell (MI) on women in the workforce, which demonstrates that the glass ceiling has actually hardened, rather than shattered, since 1995 for women in management positions.

"Historic advances for women in the workplace have eroded in the last five years, according to this report," said Maloney. "Gains in pay equity and equality in promotions have stalled and even declined for women in management. This is bad news for women and it's definitely bad news for the majority of families in America that rely heavily on a mother's income."

Maloney said that the report is the first in a continuing series of federally funded studies examining the status of women and the glass ceiling. The report is available at and at