Congresswoman Maloney’s Statement Protesting Growing Anti-Semitism in the Ukraine

Dec 17, 2009
Press Release
New York, NY- Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney (NY) released the following statement condemning a recent resurgence of anti-semitism in the Ukraine: “ I am concerned about the growing reports of anti-semitism in the Ukraine. Recently Roman Shukhevitch, a Nazi criminal who commanded the Ukrainian insurgent army and collaborated with the SS during World War II, was posthumously awarded The Hero of Ukraine Award. Then, a Ukrainian professor made the ludicrous declaration that Israel had brought 25,000 Ukrainian children into their country in order to harvest their organs. More seriously, Mayor Sergei Ratushnyak, a well known Holocaust denier and unabashed anti-semite who is a candidate for President of the Ukraine, referred to his opponent "an impudent Jew" and suggested that a Ukrainian Jew would have no right to run for President of Ukraine.

“Anti-semitism has a long and dreadful history in the Ukraine and it is appalling to see signs of its resurgence. I urge the Ukrainiangovernment to take all steps necessary to address these attacks on its Jewish community, to encourage tolerance and understanding, to educate its population as to the horrors that Jewish Ukrainians experienced during the Holocaust, and to ensure that the Jewish community in the Ukraine is safe. The world has seen the evil that results from anti-semitism and must not tolerate the rise of hatred, bigotry and prejudice against the Jews."