Nov 15, 2001
Press Release

WASHINGTON: Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney (NY) - the former ranking Democrat of the House Census Subcommittee - responded today to a federal court ruling in Oregon that ordered the U.S. Census Bureau to release its statistically corrected count of U.S. residents:

"This ruling shows just how wrong and ridiculous the Census Bureau has been in denying access to taxpayer funded, public information.

"Judge Redden's ruling affirms our most treasured values like freedom of information and public access to government decisions. It's also a rebuke of the Census Bureau's shameful efforts to block the nation from basic data - gathered at taxpayer expense - that could help cities and states around the country better understand their populations and move forward with plans and policies to improve lives around the country.

"When these data are finally made available, the public and particularly research specialists, can judge for themselves which data are more accurate and find out where the census undercount had the most impact in missing people and double-counting others. Openness, not secrecy, is simply the best way to make good decisions for the country's future."