Feb 3, 2000
Press Release

NEW YORK - President Clinton's budget for Fiscal Year 2001 will contain $5 million for a study on the feasibility of a Second Avenue subway in New York City. Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney (D-Manhattan, Queens) joined Senator Charles Schumer in commending the President today, saying, "I am extremely pleased to have the President's commitment for a Second Avenue subway and I only wish we had that kind of support from the Governor."

Along with State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, Borough President C. Virginia Fields, and Public Advocate Mark Green, Maloney has been a leader in the fight for a full-build Second Avenue subway. She is part of the bi-partisan group of East Side elected officials calling for a full-build Second Avenue subway. She has submitted testimony for the subway on numerous occasions to the MTA, the Capital Budget Review Board (CBRB), and the State Senate Committee on Investigations. She has written to MTA Chairman E. Virgil Conway and the CBRB on several occasions to advocate for the full-build Second Ave. subway. Maloney also sponsored a town-hall meeting last fall with leaders from the business community to discuss potential financing strategies for the subway. The Congresswoman also sits on the Manhattan Borough President's Second Avenue Subway Task Force.

Congresswoman Maloney has been a harsh critic of the MTA's study for a Second Avenue "stubway" which would only run 63rd to 125th Streets. She said, "That plan would leave far too many New Yorkers stranded." In her comments to the CBRB, Maloney urged members of the Board to veto the MTA's capital plan for lack of sufficient funds for the Second Avenue subway.

Maloney said today, "I have and will continue to fight for a full-build Second Avenue subway. The President's budget recognizes the need for a Second Ave. subway and his budget will provide the seed money to get the project started. New Yorkers have waited more than 70 years for the subway and this money could mean that our long wait is over. States, however, build subways and roads, not the federal goverment. We need an MTA Capital Plan now so that we can access more federal dollars to build the subway. The Governor needs to actually provide the adequate State commitment to help relieve our severely under-served East Side community."