Nov 30, 2001
Press Release

WASHINGTON: The Second Avenue subway got its second boost of the week last night as Congress moved forward with $2 million in funding for the much needed East Side line. A conference committee of the U.S. House and Senate agreed late last night on a final version of the Fiscal Year 2002 Transportation Appropriations bill and it includes funds for the Second Ave subway. The House passed the bill this morning.

"There's no better time to invest in New York's future than now," said Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney (NY), who represents the East Side of Manhattan. "Just rebuilding after September 11 isn't enough. We need to make the economy stronger than ever before and building the 2nd Ave subway is a critical part of that effort. Our resolve to build the Second Avenue subway shows the terrorists they failed to break our spirits and failed to affect our vision for New York's future."

The Senate, which passed a version of the bill earlier in the year, must now vote on the finalized Conference Report. If passed by the Senate, as expected, the President will receive the legislation for consideration to be signed into law.

Representative Maloney added, "The subways provided vital links to downtown during the crisis, while roads were closed and traffic ground to a halt. We know how important the Second Ave subway is to relieve overcrowding, provide service to underserved areas and enhance the city's ability to continue to grow economically. Now, we also know how crucial it can be to ensure access in case of an emergency."

"I want to thank Senators Schumer and Clinton for their strong leadership in helping to secure these funds," Maloney said. "I also would like to thank Representative Jose Serrano (NY) for his leadership in the House Appropriations Committee on this issue, as well as Representatives Rangel, Nadler, Velazquez and the entire New York delegation for their support. While these funds are a small part of the overall cost of the Second Avenue subway, their inclusion in federal appropriations is crucial to future funding at federal, state, and city levels. The MTA deserves a great deal of credit as well for moving forward decisively with $200 million for design work and engineering of the 2nd Ave line."