“A Rotten Budget for the Big Apple”

Feb 9, 2005
Press Release
 WASHINGTON, DC - An analysis of President Bush’s proposed FY06 budget shows that many of the deep cuts to domestic programs will adversely affect New York City. The budget proposal includes across the board cuts for non-security spending, much of which will is targeted at low-income Americans. Among the cuts that will hurt New Yorkers the most are:  

Low-income Housing and Community Programs

• the loss of a $207 million Community Development Block Grants for the City, which affects low-income housing, day care, after-school programs and services for the elderly;

• a cut to Section 8 housing vouchers that could run as high as $50 million for the City;

• a $3.4 million cut in the City for the Low Income Heating and Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), which gives low-income residents heat in the winter;

• elimination of the entire federal subsidy for Amtrak, which services 8.3 million passengers at Penn Station each year;

Health Care

• a $60 billion nationwide but from the Medicaid program;

Homeland Security

• a $243 million overall cut for state and local first responder funding programs and the refusal to do-away with state minimums for state grants; and


• an increase in the co-pay on prescription drugs and health-care enrollment fees for veterans.

Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-Manhattan, Queens) said that, while this budget is a disaster across the board domestically, New York City will be among the places to feel its negative effects the most.

“The president’s budget is highly uncompassionate,” said Maloney. “In his futile attempt to trim the unmanageable budget deficit he created, the president is taking away programs who need help the most. From rail travelers to low-income residents, New Yorkers will be hurt by this proposal. It’s a rotten budget for the Big Apple.

“Included in my concerns is the elimination of Amtrak funding in the budget. Our government has a gas tax to fund highways. We have given huge subsidies to the airlines. But to treat Amtrak, which is vital to millions in the Northeast, like this administration does is completely unfair.”