May 7, 2020 Newsletter
Today, I urged the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to allow men who have sex with men (MSM) and who have recovered from coronavirus to safely donate plasma in support of treatment research efforts. To ensure that efforts to develop an effective coronavirus treatment can proceed unhindered, the FDA should immediately modify its deferral recommendations so that all gay and bisexual men who have recovered from coronavirus and can safely donate plasma to support treatment research efforts are able to do so.
May 6, 2020 Newsletter
Today, I joined with my colleagues in the New York delegation to propose that hospitals establish Compassionate Companion Volunteer Programs to help connect patients with loved ones and provide companionship for those without families members available to be by them while they are hospitalized.
May 5, 2020 Newsletter
Today, I introduced new legislation, the Student Loan Forgiveness for Frontline Health Workers Act. Alleviating the burden of student debt is the least we can do to show our gratitude and take care of the people who are taking care of us.
May 4, 2020 Newsletter
Today, I wrote to Jaguar Health seeking information about the company's recent decision to increase the price of its drug Mytesi while seeking approval for use of the drug to treat coronavirus patients. This request for information comes after my April 2 letter to the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) urging all of its member companies to commit to setting affordable prices for any medications that are or may be used to prevent or treat COVID-19.
May 3, 2020 Newsletter
As we enter yet another week following social distancing guidelines and staying at home, I want to thank you for saving lives. While I know many of us feel restless and would like to get back to seeing our families and friends, it is so important that we continue to do all we can to flatten the curve. We have done an incredible job here in New York of limiting the spread of COVID-19, and as frontline health care workers continue to treat those who do become ill, we are doing our part to help them by sheltering in place. On the federal level, I continue to monitor the President's and his Administration's response to the crisis and work on furture legislation to directly help the American people.
May 2, 2020 Newsletter
On Friday, I joined with Rep. Katie Porter to intoduce her Accountability for Acting Official Act to limit who can serve as an “acting” official and for how long, closing various loopholes in the current law. The bill would also ramp up transparency and reporting by acting officials. I also joined with the Chairs of the other House Committees that oversee the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to voice our strong opposition to a harmful Trump Administration rule that would roll back Affordable Care Act (ACA) nondiscrimination protections.
May 1, 2020 Newsletter
On Thursday, I launched the bipartisan Postal Preservation Caucus with my colleages Reps. Connolly, King, and Amodei. Today, I joined with Sens. Warren and Markey to get informaiton from assisted living faclities on their response to the coronavirus crisis. These facilities face similar challenges as nursing homes without the required federal oversight. We must make sure that their clients are getting the care they need and deserve.
Apr 30, 2020 Newsletter
Yesterday, Speaker Pelosi named me to the House Select Committee on the Coronavirus Crisis. I am honored to join Chairman Clyburn and my esteemed colleagues on this panel. More on this and other updates from Congress, New York State, and New York City below.
Apr 29, 2020 Newsletter
On Tuesday, I joined with Congressman Peter King to lead a bipartsan group of the New York Delegation in an appeal to House and Senate leadership to provide immediate help to the Postal Service.The Postal Service is experiencing extreme hardship because of the coronavirus crisis while continuing to provide an essential service for the entire country. We need to answer its call for help. This morning, I joined with House Budget Committee Chairman John Yarmuth and House Appropriations Chairwoman Nita Lowey to introduce H.R. 6628, the Congressional Power of the Purse Act, to protect against the President abusing his power and reassert Congress's sole constitutional authority in deciding how federal dollars are spent. More on this and other updates from Congress, New York State, and New York City below.
Apr 28, 2020 Newsletter
Today, I joined with Congressman Nadler to lead 17 of our colleagues in urging Speaker Pelosi and Minority Leader McCarthy to make sure that we provide necessary assistance to our country's museums, libraries, and cultural institutions in the next coronavirus recovery package.