Weekly Update 8/16: Condemning Hate and Discriminatory Immigration Policies/ District Work Week Highlights

Aug 16, 2019

Dear Friend,

This was a busy week for NY! Whether it was Governor Cuomo signing the Child Victim Act into law or New York City Council Members protesting the Public Charge rule, I’m glad representatives from our City always defend justice and fight back against the discriminatory policies proposed by the Trump Administration. At a time when hate is festering throughout our nation, it is crucial that we continue to defend the American values of freedom and acceptance. I’m proud to represent NY and to keep fighting for the constituents of NY-12.

Condemning Violence, Bigotry, and Hate

On Monday, 3 Jewish men were violently attacked in Brooklyn. This heinous crime is a part of a much larger pattern of hate throughout NYC and our nation. This week also marked the two-year anniversary of the white supremacist march in Charlottesville, Virginia and the murder of Heather Heyer. As we take time to reflect on the rise of white supremacy and the brutality of hate, it is crucial to recognize that this sentiment is entirely antithetical to who we are as Americans. We must never forget those brave enough to stand up against hate and never stop fighting to defend love and equality.




Public Charge Rule and Continued Attacks on our Immigrant Communities

The Trump administration issued a rule this week that would keep immigration applicants who receive, or a are deemed likely to receive, public assistance such as food stamps, Medicaid, public housing, and welfare from obtaining green cards. The public charge rule is Trump’s latest cruel, misguided immigration policy designed to discriminate against immigrants from poorer countries, and prompt legal residents to forgo the public aid they need. I absolutely condemn the public charge rule, and remain committed to fighting against these inhumane immigration policies.

84th Anniversary of Social Security and New Data on Retirement Security

The American people deserve peace of mind and to know their hard earned benefits will be available when they need them. Sadly, too many Americans suffer from retirement insecurity. As my recent Joint Economic Committee report illustrates, the retirement security gap for people of color and women is likely to widen in the coming years. Social Security has worked #ForThePeople for 84 years. It is crucial that we protect it, expand it, and defend it from Republican attacks so that all Americans have a chance to retire.

Adventures in Queens/ District Work Week Highlights

Truly the best part of district work period is getting a chance to hear directly from residents throughout NY-12 and understand how I can help improve the district. This week, I was especially focused on the people of Queens and had so much fun!

Calling for Hallets Point Ferry Service

Over the weekend, I celebrated the ribbon cutting for the new Hallets Point Play community space! While there, I called on the City to expand ferry service to Manhattan to better serve the Hallets Point community. The infrastructure and boats already exist, so the City should begin service between the Hallets Cove and 90th street dock.  

Astoria Houses Family Day

I had a blast at Astoria Houses Family Day on Saturday! Thank you to everyone who participated, and a special thank you to Claudia Coger for all the work you do as the President of the Tenant’s Association.


Astoria Pool Senior Citizens and Special Population Celebration

Congratulations to all of the dedicated swimmers at Astoria Pool! It was such a pleasure to present certificates to this year’s most recognized swimmers and celebrate this community staple!



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Carolyn B. Maloney 

Member of Congress