Weekly Update: 2020 Census & COVID Relief Developments

Oct 16, 2020

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It was great to see some of you earlier this week for my Carolyn on Your Corner pop up at the 86th Street Q Station. For information on my next Carolyn on Your Corner, be sure to follow me on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram! These events are a chance for us to talk about the issues that matter most to you. 


This week, the Trump Administration once again took action to manipulate the census for partisan, political gain and to undercount already marginalized communities. By cutting short the 2020 Census, the Administration is endangering the accuracy of this once-in-a-decade count of our nation. I will continue to work to make sure we get it right. The White House also released its long overdue COVID relief proposal – which turned out to be wildly deficient and not the comprehensive plan we need to battle this health and economic crisis.


More on these developments below. 


The 2020 Census

The Supreme Court’s decision this week to allow the Census Bureau to stop counting households before the end of October is truly disappointing, particularly since it simply ignores the clear legal points in Justice Sotomayor’s dissent.


Under the Constitution, the federal government must conduct a complete and accurate Census, and this duty should not be trumped by adherence to a statutory deadline that never envisioned a once-in-a-generation pandemic and that experts have warned is impossible to meet without compromising the integrity of the Census. 


Census data determine your representation at every level of government – from the local school board to Congress — for the next ten years. The data also determine how we distribute $1.5 trillion in federal funding for things like schools, infrastructure repairs and projects, Medicare and Medicaid, food assistance, and jobs programs. 


As Chairwoman of the Oversight Committee, I will continue to monitor the Census Bureau and fight to make sure that the data presented at the end of this process is fair and accurate. Quite simply – we can’t afford to get this wrong. 


The Trump Admin’s Deficient Coronavirus Proposal

As we continue to battle the coronavirus pandemic, our country is in desperate need of real leadership to crush this virus, rescue our plummeting economy, and protect the American people.  Instead, this President and his Administration have led one of the worst responses on Earth — disregarding science, dissembling on a daily basis, and placing their own political interests over the interests of the American public — and more than 200,000 people have now died as a result.


The Administration’s latest coronavirus proposal — coming after months of dithering since the House passed the Heroes Act to provide essential relief and protections to working families — is inexplicably short-sighted and wildly deficient. 


As we face this public health and economic crisis, we need a comprehensive plan to help our country rebound, and the Trump plan just isn’t it. The Senate owes it to the American people to vote on the Heroes Act now. 


Snapshots from NY-12

Great to see constituents (at a safe social distance) this week for Carolyn on Your Corner. New Yorkers have been dealt a difficult hand by the COVID crisis but because of our resiliency, I know we’ll get through this - together.


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