Updates for NY-12 After Chelsea Bombing

Sep 18, 2016

Dear Friend,

Last night, we were again reminded of the challenges we face living in a free society. We were also reminded of how well prepared all New Yorkers – our citizens and our first responders – are to deal with a crisis. I am relieved and grateful to hear that all of the victims are out of the hospital, and my thoughts are with them as they recover from their injuries.

I want to take time to commend and express my gratitude to our police department, our emergency medical teams, and our anti-terrorism workers who took control of the situation and protected the public. I also want to commend the great people of New York City, who handled this situation with the calm control that the world expects of us. New Yorkers know what to do when a crisis hits.

I am confident that our investigators will quickly learn who was behind this cowardly attempt to hurt and scare us. But we will never give in to fear or intimidation. New York, and America, will always stand strong against those who use fear and violence.

There are some important updates that area residents need to know.

For those in need of a free meal and somewhere to stay, our friends at The Standard Hotel at the High Line (848 Washington Street, between Little West 12th Street and West 13th Street) are offering free dinner and a hotel room to any resident of 23rd Street between Sixth and Seventh Avenues with proof of address.

Street closures will continue but officials are hoping to reopen 23rd Street as soon as possible. I ask all to remain patient as our emergency responders and law enforcement go about their work. For updates you can visit nyc.gov/311 and mta.info.

Should you need to leave and/or return home, please bring proof of residency (an ID with your address listed) to present at the barriers. Police escorts are still needed to accompany residents of West 23rd Street between Fifth and Seventh Avenues and 131 West 23rd Street cannot yet be accessed as law enforcement is still examining evidence.

The Red Cross is on site in Chelsea and is making sure that 200 meals are being delivered to our local residence for the blind with 180 residents – these meals were purchased from an area restaurant that was in the affected area. In addition, emergency system alerts are being sent out and our emergency responders are checking in on residents in the area who might need special assistance.

I have been assured that the FBI is here and working closely with the city’s emergency management and they are examining all available video footage, specifically that from red light cameras in the area.

I look forward to continuing to work with emergency management, the Red Cross and law enforcement to aid the people of Chelsea and bring the perpetrators to justice. I urge anyone with any information to come forward by calling 1-800-577-TIPS immediately. 


Carolyn B. Maloney

Member of Congress

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