Update on Congress and Comey hearing

Jul 7, 2016

Dear Friend,

I thought you might appreciate an update on the last 24 hours of Republican dysfunction and their continuing detachment from the real issues facing our country.

A little before noon yesterday House Republicans announced they would call an “emergency” hearing of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, on which I sit. The emergency turned out to be that FBI Director James Comey, a man Republicans have frequently praised for his rectitude and independence, had announced the FBI had found that no charges were warranted in the case involving Secretary Clinton’s emails. They wanted a show trial. 

A short while later, Speaker Paul Ryan announced that the House would not take any votes this week to address the pressing issue of gun violence, a uniquely American scourge that kills in excess of 30,000 Americans a year.

At today’s “emergency” hearing I questioned Director Comey and received his firm assurance that his investigation was independent and was not influenced by anyone outside of the career professionals at the FBI.

I also spoke on the House floor to condemn House Republicans for putting their need for political posturing above the needs, the safety and the wellbeing of the American People.

Rather than attacking the integrity of a man like Director Comey, we should be debating common-sense gun safety reforms like No-Fly/No-Buy, universal background checks and an assault weapons ban renewal. But doing something about the scourge of gun violence has once again been put on the back burner.

Congress must do better than this; much better. So I promise to continue to demand that Speaker Ryan allow us a vote on gun safety reforms.

Lives are at stake. And this Congress needs to act.



Carolyn B. Maloney

Member of Congress


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