Update: Equal Pay for Equal Work, Showcasing Women's History, Standing with the Trans Community & Helping Nonprofits

Mar 29, 2019

Dear Friend,

I’m writing today with another weekly update to fill you in on some key votes I took in Washington and a new report and piece of legislation I unveiled today.

Voting to Override President Trump’s Veto on the Bipartisan Rejection of His Border Wall

On Tuesday, every single Democrat in the House, joined by 14 Republicans, voted to override the President’s veto of Congress’s resolution to reject his national emergency declaration over the border wall. Unfortunately, not enough Republicans joined in our efforts to uphold the separation of powers and Congress’s right to have the power of the purse and decide what we fund and how we fund it. This is not the end of the fight, as Congress still controls the federal budget and we will be doing all we can to block any attempt to use taxpayer’s money on a vanity project that will do nothing to make us safer or address our country’s broken immigration system.


Ending the Gender Pay Gap with the Paycheck Fairness Act

I’m proud to say that on Wednesday, I voted to the pass the Paycheck Fairness Act, an important step to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work.

Women are the sole or primary breadwinners in half of US households with children, yet on average women are still paid only 80 percent of what their male counterparts make. According to some estimates, achieving equal pay could cut poverty among working women and their families by more than half and add more than half a trillion dollars to the US economy. This legislation is long overdue, and I proudly voted for it. You can watch part of my floor speech in support of the bill here.


Condemning Trump’s Hateful Actions Against Transgender Servicemembers

In our last votes for the week, and in an important show of solidarity during Transgender Visibility Week, the House voted – in a bipartisan way – to condemn the Trump Administration’s ban on transgender Americans serving in the military. This hateful ban is a slap in the face to transgender servicemembers who have served this country and are willing to put their lives on the line to protect us, our families, and our ideals. We need to maintain the current, inclusive policy that allows transgender servicemembers to serve with the dignity and respect they deserve.


Relieving the Burdens that the GOP Tax Scam Puts on Nonprofits

It’s tax season, and I have recently heard from many nonprofit organizations that are struggling under costly new burdens imposed by the 2017 GOP Tax Act. So, as Vice Chair of the Joint Economic Committee (JEC), I commissioned a new report by my JEC staff to examine the effects of the tax law on nonprofits. The report found that nonprofits are facing burdensome new costs that could lead to service cuts or even closure.

To undo these harms, today I announced that I am introducing the Nonprofit Relief Act of 2019. This bill will ensure that more money can be spent on nonprofits’ core charitable missions, and less on operating costs and taxes.


Standing for Healthcare and Vaccine Access

The Trump Administration continues to insist on repealing the ACA and putting people’s health at risk. But we cannot and will not let them win.

After marking the 9th anniversary of the ACA last Saturday, I joined this week with Speaker Pelosi and my House Democratic colleagues to introduce the Protecting Pre-Existing Conditions & Making Health Care More Affordable Act because no one should need to worry about going bankrupt because of a health condition.

I am also cosponsoring a resolution (H. Res. 179) from Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) recognizing the importance of vaccination and immunizations in our country and am fighting in Congress for more funding for vaccine education and distribution. With the recent outbreak of measles in Rockland County, NY it is imperative that we stand up as a Congress and express not only our support for, but also our faith in, the safety of vaccines and, as this important resolution declares, encourage “everyone, in consultation with their health care provider to follow the scientific evidence and consensus of medical experts in favor of timely vaccinations to protect themselves, their children, their family, and their community.”


Giving Women’s History the Place it Deserves – on the National Mall

I believe that one of the most important things we can do is show young women and girls they can be and do anything. How can we empower women if we do not even recognize them? The U.S. needs and deserves a comprehensive women’s history museum that will inspire men and women of all ages and for future generations. For too long, women who have made extraordinary contributions to our nation have been left out of the telling of our history. We can, and we must, change that.

So, with Women’s History Month coming to close on Sunday, I introduced the Smithsonian Women’s History Museum Act this week to create a national museum dedicated to American women’s history. The bill has 26 bipartisan original cosponsors.


As always, your concerns remain my top priority. Please do not hesitate to email me through my website.


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Carolyn B. Maloney

Member of Congress