Update: Back to School & Back to Congress

Sep 13, 2019

Dear Friend,

Congress is back in session! This week, I returned to Washington, DC for votes and Congressional hearings.

To kick off the week, on Monday, I introduced my bill to stop banks from charging outrageous overdraft fees and taking advantage of their customers who can least afford it. Later in the week, I proudly voted with House Democrats to ban harmful offshore drillingand protect our environment. And, before returning to DC, I gathered with community and nonprofit leaders to call on Congress to pass my bill to support the creation of new community gardens and parks.

More on all this below.


Fighting Unfair, Deceptive, and Costly Overdraft Fees

On Monday, I joined with consumer protection advocates to introduce the Overdraft Protection Act of 2019, a bill that will crack down on unfair overdraft fees and establish fair and transparent practices for overdraft coverage programs.

Overdraft fees currently cost consumers an outrageous $15 billion per year and they hit the hardest those who can afford them the least: cash-strapped hardworking Americans and college students who are struggling to pay their bills. We need to put an end to this and put that $15 billion back where it belongs – in Americans’ pockets. No cup of coffee or Netflix subscription should cost $36 because of these ridiculous fees.


Protecting our Environment

This week, I voted to pass bipartisan legislation to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the Atlantic and Florida Gulf coasts from harmful offshore drilling. I remain committed to a clean energy future and will continue to fight back against President Trump’s promise to allow new drilling that would destroy our coastlines and the communities that rely on them.


Building Community Gardens and Parks

On Sunday, before heading back to DC, I joined with elected officials, community leaders, and representatives from local community gardens to call for passage of my legislation H.R.4197, the Revitalizing Cities Through Parks Enhancement (RECIPE) Act.

As we all know, New York City and urban communities across the country need more safe, green spaces, but space or funding to create them are limited. My bill, the RECIPE Act, will create a grant program so that nonprofit organizations can transform vacant municipally-owned lots into open community spaces to beautify neighborhoods, increase property values, and provide areas for us all to enjoy.


As always, your concerns still and always will remain my top priority. Please do not hesitate to email me through my website.

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Carolyn B. Maloney

Member of Congress