This Week in Congress

Oct 6, 2017

Dear Friend,

This week our country saw the worst mass shooting in modern history. In response, the House of Representatives should have begun looking at ways to prevent these gun atrocities and save lives. That didn’t happen. Instead, the Republican leadership brought up a bill to severely limit a woman’s right to choose and rammed through a budget that would be devastating for low-income and middle class Americans.

I fought both of these of bills and spoke out against them on the floor. I also demanded action on common-sense gun safety reforms.

Nearly 90% of Americans support universal background checks, 84% support closing the gun show loophole, 68% support banning assault-style weapons, and 65% support banning high capacity magazines. It’s LONG past time for Congress to listen to the American people when it comes to gun safety.

I am proud to cosponsor bills that put in place each of the above reforms and have also introduced five of my own bills to address gun violence and make our country safer. Congress’s first priority should be to keep people safe from harm and I intend to keep demanding action to address the gun epidemic that costs more than 30,000 lives each year. In fact, I’m organizing an event tomorrow in front of the Gandhi Statue at Union Square Park where I, local officials, and gun safety advocates will be calling on the House Republican Leadership to take meaningful action on gun safety reforms. It’s going to be at 11am, if you’re free come on by.

Earlier this week, I joined Mayor de Blasio to announce a design for a new esplanade from 53rd to 61st Street with a $100 million commitment from the City. I have been working with the City for more than a decade to expand the esplanade and bring new park land to an underserved community.

From a boat on Newtown Creek on Sunday, I watched as the last remnants of the old Kosciuszko Bridge came down. Thanks to $670 million in federal funding I helped secure, a new Kosciuszko Bridge is being built. The first span opened in April of this year and the second span is expected to be completed in 2019. The old six lane Kosciuszko Bridge was one of the most accident prone traffic choke points in New York State. When the new bridge is completed, it will provide a total of nine lanes for vehicular traffic plus a pedestrian/bikeway, and new parks will built in Brooklyn and Queens.

Below you’ll find links with more information about my work in Congress and New York this week. Thanks for taking a look!


Carolyn B. Maloney

Member of Congress

Maloney: We Must Vote Against Bill That Will Cause Pain and Suffering 

On Tuesday, I spoke on the floor against HR36, a bill that would criminalize abortions after 20 weeks. 

I shared April's story. A woman who, to save her unborn child from pain and suffering, made the difficult decision to have an abortion at 21 weeks. 

We must stop these assaults on women's health. 

You can watch my full remarks here.

Marie Claire: Opinion - "We Are Not Doing Our Jobs - and People Are Dying Because of It"


I wrote this week in Marie Claire why while it is appropriate to express our "thoughts and prayers" whenever a tragedy like the shooting in Las Vegas happens, it is not enough. Without action to prevent the next massacre, these words ring hollow.


You can read the full piece here.

Why I Voted No on the Republican Budget

Ultimately, a national budget is a deal between the American taxpayers and Congress about how this country will spend their money. Anyone who looks at the fine print in the GOP budget plan can tell you that the American people want, need, and deserve a better deal.

You can read my full statement here.

Buzzfeed: "Stealthing" Should Be Classified As Rape and These Lawmakers Want Congress to Talk About It


Congressman Ro Khanna and I sent a letter this week to the House Judiciary Committee requesting a hearing on "stealthing" -- non-consensual condom removal.

You can read more about our effort to address this type of sexual assault here.


Times Ledger: Old Kosciuszko Bridge Demolished in Controlled Explosion

This past Sunday morning, the state brought down the approaches to the old Kosciuszko Bridge to make way for the new and improved. 

I'm proud to have secured $670 million in federal funding that our state needs for this project.

You can read more about the demolition here.

Filling in the Green Necklace 



For years, I have been working to create an esplanade along the East River in midtown, in a dense urban community that has few parks.

I was pleased to join Mayor Bill de Blasio for an announcement of a design for a new esplanade from 53rd to 61st Street, with a commitment of $100 million from the city.


You can see more pictures from the announcement here.