The Women's March and What's Next

Jan 23, 2017

Dear Friend,

This Saturday I proudly participated in the Women’s March on New York City, joining more than two million women and men around the world in support of equal rights and a better future for our children. We marched to send a message to President Trump and the Republican Congress that we will not back down one inch when it comes to protecting a woman’s right to choose, LGBTQ equality, the Affordable Care Act, immigrant rights and more. It was an inspiring and energizing experience and one that I will carry with me as I fight in Congress to defend our progressive values.

t’s only Monday, but this week we’ve already seen what this new administration and its allies in Congress plan to do when it comes to women’s health. Today, President Trump reinstated the Global Gag Rule that will cut off millions of women around the world from life-saving reproductive health services. And tomorrow, the Republican House will bring up H.R. 7, a bill that would impose sweeping limitations on women’s rights, by denying insurance-related tax credits to small businesses that choose plans that cover abortion, and permanently bans abortion coverage for federal employees. I will be on the floor tomorrow denouncing this extreme, anti-woman measure, and urging all of my colleagues to vote against this harmful bill. I will bring with me the strength I felt on the streets of Manhattan this Saturday from hundreds of thousands of people protesting these attacks on women’s health and rights.

But opposing this bill is just part of what we must do to defend women’s rights. That is why this week I will once again be reintroducing the Equal Rights Amendment to ensure that no law can discriminate on the basis of sex and to help advance the cause of equal pay for equal work. Our work ahead will be incredibly challenging but I will be there every step of the way, not only to defend our progress but to fight to move forward.

As always, I want to hear about what issues matter most to you, as these are my top priorities, too. Please visit my website to let me know what is on your mind.


Carolyn B. Maloney

Member of Congress