The Republican Health Care Plan is Unacceptable

Mar 13, 2017

Dear Friend,

Today, the independent Congressional Budget Office released its analysis of the House Republican's plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and the news for millions of Americans across the country and at home in New York was just as bad as many of us had feared.

According to this nonpartisan report, the Republican bill would strip 14 million Americans of their insurance next year alone, and result in 24 million Americans losing their healthcare coverage by 2026. It would destabilize portions of the insurance market and significantly raise the cost of premiums for seniors. Under this GOP bill, a 64-year-old in the individual market with an income of $26,500 will pay $12,900 more in premiums each year.  By defunding Planned Parenthood for a full year, the Republican plan will result in millions women across our country losing access to care, including to cancer screenings, contraceptives and family planning services.

This plan would break almost every promise the Republicans have been making about how “great” their replacement would be.

Now, we know why House Republicans have been racing this disastrous bill through Congress, attempting to pass it before the real consequences for the American people were spelled out in real numbers.  

For New Yorkers, this bill is an especially bad deal.    

  • The GOP bill eliminates federal funding for our state’s Essential Plan, taking away a popular and successful insurance option for more than 600,000 of our neighbors who don’t qualify for Medicaid but still need help affording insurance. 
  • It means hard hits to New York City hospitals that will lose much needed federal funding that they have gained through Medicaid expansion.
  • It means billions of dollars of loss to New York State as the Medicaid federal contribution is reduced over time from 90% to 50%, forcing New York to cut back care for older Americans, children, and individuals with disabilities. 

This bill is a merciless attack on the most vulnerable among us, a set-back for seniors and a disaster for our medical providers.  It will destroy all the progress we have made over the past 8 years. It is simply unacceptable and I will not stop fighting until we have a real solution for providing affordable healthcare for all Americans.




Carolyn B. Maloney

Member of Congress


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