The Latest on Healthcare

Sep 26, 2017

Dear Friend,

Thanks to overwhelming opposition from people all across this country, Senate Republicans are abandoning their latest Affordable Care Act repeal effort, the cruel Graham-Cassidy bill.  

This is an important victory for our country but, it didn’t happen by accident. We won this battle because millions of people stood up and spoke out in support of protecting the Affordable Care Act. Yesterday, I proudly stood up with some of you at New York City’s City Hall to oppose this cruel bill and to let Republicans know that we will not allow any rollbacks to the ACA without a fight. This was the latest of many events I’ve held across our great district in support of strengthening the ACA, rather than dismantling it.

Graham-Cassidy would have been devastating for New York and our country. The bill would have ripped away health insurance from 32 million Americans, including 2 million New Yorkers, raised premiums, 

co-pays and deductibles, allowed insurers to deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions, forced seniors to pay an age tax, and robbed New York of $45 billion in federal healthcare funding. Our state and country could not have afforded this and, for now, fortunately, we won’t have to.

But, our work is not done. Now, Congress needs to come together on a bipartisan basis to build on the successes of and improve on the Affordable Care Act. I will keep fighting to protect our care and to better the ACA because all Americans deserve access to good, affordable healthcare.

Thank you for fighting with me -- we’re in this together.

In solidarity,

Carolyn B. Maloney

Member of Congress