Protecting Our Democracy: Updates on USPS and the 2020 Census

Aug 21, 2020

Dear Friend, 


This week, I have been laser-focused on protecting our democracy from President Trump’s continued attacks on our Postal Service and his politicization of the Census Bureau. The USPS and the decennial census are two of the few entities specifically mentioned in the Constitution and are absolutely vital to our democracy and providing necessary resources for people across the nation. 


The House is convening tomorrow to vote on my Delivering for America Act to reverse the harmful changes that have been put in place by Trump’s handpicked Postmaster General and on Monday morning, I am chairing a Committee on Oversight and Reform hearing with the Postmaster General. I am continuing to work to make sure that Census Bureau professionals have the support they need to complete a full, fair, and accurate census and urge you to get counted today if you have not already filled out your survey. 


Working to Save USPS

The Postal Service delivers more than 470 million pieces of mail each day to every home and business across the United States. It is a critical lifeline that provides universal access to medications, supplies, and mail for every single American, no matter where they live.


But today, the Postal Service is under attack. We cannot and will not stand idly by.


This past Tuesday, as part of our Day of Action to Save the Post Office, more than 100 House Democrats hosted events in our districts to support the Postal Service, its mission, and postal workers. You can see video of my event in Union Square with Yvette Johnson, Vice President of the National Postal Mail Handlers Union, Local 300, here.


And as Chairwoman of the Committee on Oversight and Reform, I have requested a host of documents from Postmaster General DeJoy, which are due today, and he will be testify before the Committee on Monday morning. You can watch that livestream at 10am on YouTube or the Committee’s website.


In addition, on Saturday, the House is reconvening for a special session to vote on my bill, the Delivering for America Act. This legislation will provide the $25 billion the Postal Service requested, which was supported unanimously by the Postal Service Board of Governors, all of whom were appointed by President Trump; and it will return delivery standards to the way they were before the Postmaster General’s sweeping changes.


Every Member of Congress should support this bill. What is happening right now is impacting everyone—in rural and urban communities, among seniors, veterans, small businesses, and families across the country.


I believe the American people want their mail left alone.  They want to go back to the way things were before all these changes began. And they certainly do not want the Postal Service to be politicized. 


You can read more about my Delivering for America Act, which has more than 200 bipartisan cosponsors, here.


Opposing the Continued Politicization of the Census Bureau

On Monday, the Trump Administration announced the appointment of Benjamin A. Overholt to a newly created political position, Deputy Director for Data, at the U.S. Census Bureau. This announcement—appointing yet another political official to interfere with the 2020 Census—is unprecedented and counterproductive. The White House should be heeding the concerns of experienced career officials at the Census Bureau, not scheming about how to rig the process for political gain. 


As Chair of the Oversight Committee, I am continuing to closely monitor the situation at the Census Bureau and working to make sure that every single person living in this country is counted, as the Constitution requires. A full, fair, and accurate census is vital to ensuring that communities get the representation they deserve in all levels of government, from the school board to Congress, and the federal funds that they are entitled to under the law. 


If you haven’t yet, fill out your census TODAY. You can do so online at, via phone (find phone numbers by preferred language here), or by filling out the form you received in the mail. Once you’ve filled out your form, make sure your friends and family have done so, too! 


As always, your concerns still and always remain my top priority. Please do not hesitate to email me through my website.


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Carolyn B. Maloney

Member of Congress