NY12 Coronavirus Update 6/6

Jun 6, 2020

Dear Friend,


This update, as always, will continue to focus on news updates and important information related to the COVID-19 crisis, but I would be remiss to not address the movement for Black lives that is currently sweeping our nation. I am deeply inspired by the people all across our country who are protesting and marching to condemn police violence, demand justice, and declare unequivocally that Black Lives Matter. As a Member of Congress, I know that we must put actions behind our words that decry police brutality, racial profiling, and the excessive use of force. This page on my website has a growing list of the various legislative proposals I am supporting to do just that.


Tomorrow evening at 6pm, I will holding a telephone townhall with special guests Dr. Michael Niederman, pulmonologist at Weill Cornell; Congressman Bobby Scott, Chairman of the Committee on Education and Labor; and Nicole Miglior of the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Strategic Policy Initiatives and Democracy NYC. You can sign up to participate here.


Accurate census data is incredibly important to make sure our city and state receive the federal funds we need and deserve to support things like health care, including our hospitals, Medicare, and Medicaid. Please remember to fill out your 2020 Census if you have not done so already. You can submit the form online, by phone, or by mail. 


As new federal programs in response to the coronavirus crisis are implemented across the country, my office is here to help you navigate these new resources. If you need help with a federal agency and navigating the changes brought on by coronavirus mitigation efforts, please reach out to my office at 212-860-0606.


You can continue to expect these updates from me as verified and pertinent information becomes available.


Facts and Figures

United States

- According to Johns Hopkins, the United States has confirmed 1,898,401 cases with 109,137 deaths.


New York State:

- New York State is reporting 376,208 cases. According to Johns Hopkins, the State has seen 30,236 deaths.


New York City:  
- According to NYS, New York City has 205,940 cases. According to NYC Health, the city has seen 21,782 deaths.


News Updates:


The IRS has opened a new, online portal and launched a new, free app for economic impact payment tracking. This portal will allow taxpayers to find out the status of their payment. Individuals who were not required to file 2018 or 2019 taxes can enter their information here so that they will receive economic impact payments. 

Also, you do not have to file or pay your 2019 federal income taxes or tax returns until July 15, 2020. For more information, please click here.


- I hope you will join me, Dr. Michael Niederman, pulmonologist at Weill Cornell; Congressman Bobby Scott, Chairman of the Committee on Education and Labor; and Nicole Miglior of the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Strategic Policy Initiatives and Democracy NYC; for a telephone townhall on COVID-19 tomorrow night, Sunday, June 7 at 6pm. You can sign up to participate here.


- On Thursday, the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis held a briefing on how structural inequities have led to disproportionate coronavirus infections and deaths in African American, Latino, and Native American communities. We heard how communities of color have been disproportionately impacted by the coronavirus due to longstanding racial inequities in healthcare, jobs, and housing. The experts warned that these communities were also likely to be harmed if the country reopens too soon and urged the federal government to protect minority communities through robust testing and tracing, by addressing preexisting racial disparities, and by producing more complete racial data on the impact of the coronavirus. You can read more about the briefing here.


- If you received you Economic Impact Payment/stimulus check (EIP) as a card, call 1-800-240-8100 to activate.

  • During activation, you will be asked to input your Card Number, last 6-digits of your social security number and the 3-digit security code from the back of your Card. 
  • You could be asked to further validate your identity by providing, at minimum, your name and address or answer identity verification questions. 
  • In a few instances, the first name of one payee is linked to the last name of a second payee on the Card. For mismatched names, the payee with the first name on the first line must activate the Card and/or validate identity to continue activation. 
  • You will also be asked to create a 4-digit PIN required for ATM transactions and automated assistance and to hear your balance.
  • For your Account security, do not use personal information as your PIN. 
  • For Cards with more than one name, only the primary Cardholder (listed first on the Card) may activate the Card.
  • More information available here

New York State

NYS is extending the open enrollment period for New Yorkers without health insurance to June 15. Please get covered if you are not already. Enroll here.

New Yorkers should call the Coronavirus Hotline at 1-888-364-3065 if you believe your employer is not following PPE, hygiene or social distancing guidelines as more businesses begin to reopen. 


- Gov. Cuomo issued an Executive Order allowing necessary in-person special education instruction this summer. Any school district providing these services must follow all state and federal guidance.  


- Schools will be permitted to hold drive-in and drive-through graduation ceremonies this year. The State will reexamine socially-distanced outdoor commencements at a later time.


- Medical schools statewide will be allowed to reopen on June 22, following appropriate precautions, in order to safely prepare for and welcome new cohorts of medical students this summer and fall. 

- The Mid-Hudson Valley is on track to enter Phase Two of reopening Tuesday, June 9 and Long Island is on track to enter Phase Two of reopening on Wednesday, June 10 following a review of regional data by global public health experts.  


New York City

If you are a recovered COVID-19 patient, the NY Blood Center is asking for your plasma. If you had a positive COVID-19 test and have been symptom free for 14 days, please consider donating. You can sign up here.


- COVID-19 testing is available to ALL New Yorkers. Find a testing near you here.


- REMINDER: If you get a phone call with “NYC Test + Trace” as the Caller ID, please pick up! It’s one of the City’s NYC Test and Trace Corps contact tracers ready to help you and your loved one stay safe from COVID19. Learn more here.  


- A 311 Worker Protection Hotline will launch Monday, June 8. Workers who call 311will be connected to the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection for immediate assistance. Worker rights and guidance is also available online here.


- REMINDER: Get vaccinated! 

  • Childhood vaccination rates are down 63%. The City is offering free vaccines at more than 1,000 NYC facilities and at all Health + Hospitals community health clinics. I encourage you to make an appointment by calling your child’s healthcare provider or 844-NYC-4NYC. The last thing we need is for preventable diseases to put a further strain on our health care system. 


- To help restaurants rebound, the NYC Department of Transportation and Department of Consumer and Worker Protection will streamline the permitting process for sidewalk seating. Restaurants will be able to convert adjacent parking spots into more seating with self-certification -- no permit will be needed. The City will allow restaurants to create seating areas in Open Streets sites, and identify new Open Streets on commercial strips with a high volume of restaurants.  

#GetOutTheCount in NYC! 

Please fill out your census and encourage your friends and family to do so, as well.

REMINDER: it is illegal for the Census Bureau to share your information with law enforcement. You answers cannot be used to impact your eligibility for government benefits.

Your answers are ONLY used to create statistics about our community, city, state, and country.

- Our city and district is in danger of losing hundreds of thousands of federal dollars and representation in all levels of government if we do not make sure that each and every person is counted.
- The response rate in NY-12, is up to 50.8% and is climbing by the day, but it is still far too low. We are still below the New York State rate of 55.9% and the nationwide rate of 60.7%. 


- A 1% undercount in the 2020 Census means that our community, NY-12, could lose hundreds of thousands of dollars. A report from the Oversight Committee showed that an undercount of just 1% in NY-12 could lead to a loss of $430,000 in federal funding just for our schools! On top of that, the Census also determines funding for things like Medicare and Medicaid, transportation, and support services like SNAP. 


- The Census is available online, by phone, and by mail. Paper questionnaires are being mailed out with a reminder letter to households that have not yet responded to the 2020 Census. If you were not able to answer via online or by phone, please fill out this paper form.


As always, if you need assistance with any federal matters, please call my office at 212-860-0606. Please forward this information to any of your friends, families, or coworkers and let them know that they can sign up for regular updates from me here.


Please, wash your hands, stay home, and thank the medical workers, first responders, grocery store employees, delivery workers, transit workers, childcare workers, mail carriers, take-out cooks, teachers and sanitation workers in your lives.



Carolyn B. Maloney

Member of Congress