NY12 Coronavirus Update 4/25

Apr 25, 2020

Dear Friend, 


Saving the Postal Service in the midst of the coronavirus crisis remains one of my top priorities. Governor Cuomo's announcement yesterday that all New Yorkers will be receiving absentee ballot applications in the mail is just another instance highlighting how vital the Postal Service is to our democracy. In addition to providing a service to making sure vote by mail is possible for voters around the country, the Postal Service is also delivery critical census documents to each and every household across the nation. As Chairwoman of the Committee on Oversight and Reform, I will not stop fighting for the Postal Service until it gets the support it needs. 


Please remember to fill out your 2020 Census if you have not done so already. You can submit the form online, by phone, or by mail. 


As the CARES Act is implemented across the country, my office is here to help you navigate these new resources that are available from the federal government. If you need help with a federal agency and navigating the changes brought on by coronavirus mitigation efforts, please reach out to my office at 212-860-0606.


You can continue to expect these updates from me as verified and pertinent information becomes available.


Facts and Figures

United States:

- According to Johns Hopkins, there are now 906,551 positive cases across the United States with 51,956 deaths.


New York State:  

- Our state has confirmed 271,590 positive cases. We have lost 21,411 New Yorkers to COVID-19. We remain the most impacted state in the nation.


New York City:  
- The City has confirmed 150,473 cases with 16,646 deaths.


News Updates:


The IRS has opened a new, online portal and launched a new, free app for economic impact payment tracking. This portal will allow taxpayers to find out the status of their payment. If a payment hasn't yet been issued, individuals can provide their banking information for direct deposit. Individuals who were not required to file 2018 or 2019 taxes can enter their information here so that they will receive economic impact payments.


- Governor Cuomo's announcement yesterday that every New Yorker will receive an absentee ballot application in the mail highlights, once again, the need to save the Postal Service in the midst of the coronavirus crisis. Voting by mail is just common sense during this public health emergency. It preserves the safety and health of New Yorkers while also protecting our ability to exercise our fundamental right to vote. Clearly, our Postal Service is vital as a pillar of our democracy. The Postal Service is facing an existential crisis as a direct result of coronavirus, and Congress and the President need to act now to save it—just as we did for numerous other companies and industries that are critical to our economy. As Chairwoman of the Committee on Oversight and Reform, I am fighting for that funding and will continue to do until we save the Postal Service. 


New York State

NYS is extending the open enrollment period for New Yorkers without health insurance to May 15. Please get covered if you are not already. Enroll here


- Governor Cuomo announced that he will issue an Executive Order mandating that the New York State Board of Elections automatically mail every New Yorker a postage-paid application for an absentee ballot. This is a follow-up to the Executive Order from earlier this month allowing all New Yorkers to vote absentee in the June 23 primary election. If you are applying for an absentee ballot because of COVID-19, you will select the "temporary illness" reason for requesting a mail-in ballot. 


- With a dangerous uptick in domestic violence incidents, the Governor announced the immediate moderization of the State's domestic violence hotline with a new text program and confidential online service to aid victims of abuse and provide ways to get help. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the necessary social distancing guidelines, domestic violence victims are even more vulnerable and unsafe while isolated at home without being able to get away from their abuser. New Yorkers experienceing domestic violence and in need of help or assistance can text 844-997-2121 or go to the new confidential online site to reach a professional at www.opdv.ny.gov.  


New York City

If you are a recovered COVID-19 patient, the NY Blood Center is asking for your plasma. If you had a positive COVID-19 test and have been symptom free for 14 days, please consider donating. You can sign up here.


- A reminder on tenant protection; it is illegal for a landlord to evict you or ask you to leave because you are sick. If you are struggling with a landlord, call the tenant hotline via 311 for free legal help, regardless of immigration status. 


Census Update

- As a reminder, census data informs the distribution of more than $1.5 TRILLION in federal funding for things like schools, hospital beds, safe roads and bridges, and essential first responder programs. It also determines voting districts at every level of government for the next decade. If you are not counted, you are not respresented. Make sure you are heard, make sure you are counted.


- The response rate in our district, NY-12, is up to 42.5% and is climbing by the day! However, we are still below the New York State rate of 46.6% and the nationwide rate of 52.4%. Please fill out your census today if you have not already done so. 


- The lowest response rate in NY-12 is in tract 449.02 in East Williamsburg. This area has an extremely low response rate of 6.4%. If you live in East Williamsburg, please fill our your census today! If you have friends or family who live in East Williamsburg, please encourage them to fill our their census. 


- As a reminder, it is illegal for the Census Bureau to share your information with law enforcement. You answers cannot be used to impact your eligibility for government benefits. Your answers are ONLY used to create statistics about our community, city, state, and country. 


- The Census is available online, by phone, and by mail. This week, paper questionnaires were mailed out with a reminder letter to households that have not yet responded to the 2020 Census. If you were not able to answer via online or by phone, please fill out this paper form.


As always, if you need assistance with any federal matters, please call my office at 212-860-0606. Please forward this information to any of your friends, families, or coworkers and let them know that they can sign up for regular updates from me here.


Please, wash your hands, stay home, and thank the medical workers, first responders, grocery store employees, delivery workers, transit workers, childcare workers, mail carriers, take-out cooks, teachers and sanitation workers in your lives.



Carolyn B. Maloney

Member of Congress