Honoring American Women's History

Jan 12, 2017

Dear Friend,

I’m writing to update you on my work toward making the dream of a Smithsonian museum honoring American women’s history a reality.  

This past November, the bipartisan American Museum of Women’s History Congressional Commission presented to Congress and the President its final report with recommendations for an achievable plan to establish a national women’s history museum in Washington, D.C. The Commission unanimously concluded that the United States needs and deserves a national museum dedicated to the contributions of women to our country, that such a museum should be part of the Smithsonian Institute, and that it should be prominently located on the National Mall.

This week, I joined with community members in New York to discuss the report, and the next steps toward finally completing this project that I have worked on for nearly twenty years.

The Congressional Commission worked for 18 months to produce this final report, consulting with historians, scholars and various experts. Their work represents the best of bipartisan cooperation and what we can achieve when we all work together. I am currently drafting legislation, largely based upon the Commission’s recommendations.

Thank you for your support in this historic effort.

As always, your concerns for New York and for our nation remain my top priority; please visit my website to let me know what is on your mind.


Carolyn B. Maloney
Member of Congress


The New York Times:
Smithsonian Hears Call For Women's Museum

Building this museum is tremendously important. After all, how can we empower women if we do not recognize all they have achieved?

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New York Daily News:
Rep. Carolyn Maloney pushes for a Smithsonian Museum of American Women's History in Washington

The museum will make a strong statement that Americans value women, champion equality and honor the significant contributions of women throughout our history.

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