Helpful Information about Hurricane Sandy

Oct 28, 2012

Dear Neighbor,

President Obama today declared that a state of emergency exists for New York State and ordered federal aid to supplement state and local response efforts due to the hurricane. This follows on the heels of Gov. Cuomo's state of emergency declaration on Friday. The President's action authorizes the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to coordinate all relief efforts.

The city has ordered mandatory evacuations of the low-lying areas of Zone A, which, in my district, includes many riverfront areas in Lower Manhattan and near Newtown Creek off the East River.

Check here for a PDF of Zone A:

Or visit here for an interactive map of all evacuation zones, along with a list of City evacuation centers if you need to use one:

In the days ahead, you should check in with the official New York City Severe Weather website:

All public schools are closed at least for tomorrow; city subway and service has already been suspended.
Check here for updates on transit services:

Be sure to charge all your mobile devices – just in case your neighborhood loses electricity.

Stay indoors, stay dry, stay smart and stay safe!


Carolyn B. Maloney
Member of Congress