December 9th COVID-19 Update for NY-12

Dec 9, 2020

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As our city, state, and country contends with a resurgence of COVID-19 and community spread, I write today with updates to keep you and your loved ones informed of the most important information during this ever-changing pandemic landscape. I hope you find it helpful. If you have friends or family who would like to receive this update, they can sign up here.


By the Numbers


Confirmed Cases: 68,692,977

Confirmed Deaths: 1,565,101

*data from Johns Hopkins


United States

Confirmed Cases: 15,165,159

Confirmed Deaths: 286,249

*data from Johns Hopkins


New York State

Confirmed Cases: 722,464

Confirmed Deaths: 35,118

Testing Positivity: 3.46%

*data from Johns Hopkins


New York City

(Last 7 days)

Confirmed Cases: 15,7889

Hospitalizations: 1,051

Confirmed Deaths: 109

*data from NYC Health


New York City Updates


To find the testing site closest to you, click here, text “COVID TEST” to 855-48, or call 212-COVID19 (212-268-4319).


Limiting Activities

The number of new COVID-19 cases in NYC has been rising rapidly and is now at a level we have not seen since April.

People with underlying health conditions, as well as those who live with or care for such people, should now take increased precautions including:

  • Avoiding public spaces and gatherings and wearing a face covering at all times, indoors and outdoors;
  • Not leaving home, except for work, school or essential activities, including medical care, COVID-19 testing or to go to the grocery store or pharmacy. 
  • Staying home if you feel sick, except for a COVID-19 test or other essential medical care.

This advisory applies to a wide range of New Yorkers, such as people older than 65 and people with underlying conditions, including smoking, type-2 diabetes, and obesity, among others. It also applies to those who live with or care for these people.

You can see a more extensive list of conditions that qualify an individual as a “person with increased risk of severe illness” here.


New York State Updates


The first COVID-19 vaccines are coming soon. NYS expects to receive an initial delivery of 170,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer and anticipates the possibility of starting to vaccinate the first group of New Yorkers by December 15, if all safety and efficacy approvals are granted. New York also expects to receive additional vaccine allocations from the pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Moderna this month.

Healthcare workers and nursing home residents will be the first groups of people to receive the vaccine. The two vaccines currently awaiting emergency use authorization — the Pfizer and the Moderna vaccines — both require two doses.

In New York State, the COVID-19 Clinical Advisory Task Force comprised of healthcare and medical experts was formed to:

  • Ensure COVID-19 vaccines are safe;
  • Advise on clinical best practices; and
  • Ensure there are no barriers or delays in making the vaccine available.

This review will not delay distribution of the vaccine.

It is expected that it will be months before the general public can receive a COVID-19 vaccine. As the virus continues to spread in New York State, all residents should continue to take precautions including wearing a mask, social distancing, and avoiding small and large gatherings.


Additional Resources

New York Forward website (


Healthcare Coverage

Open enrollment in NYS continues through January 31. Please make sure you get covered at

For coverage starting January 1, you must enroll in a plan by December 15.


Emotional Support Services

Healthcare workers can text NYFRONTLINE to 741-741 to access 24/7 emotional support services.

All New Yorkers can call the COVID-19 Emotional Support Hotline at 1-844-863-9314 for mental health counseling.


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