Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update and Resources

Mar 13, 2020

Dear Friend,

I wanted to reach out with a quick update on the government’s actions relating to COVID-19. I am closely monitoring the situation, talking with experts, and coordinating with the relevant health authorities and government agencies; however, I know that many in the public would like more information. 

This week, I held a hearing in the Committee on Oversight and Reform to examine the Trump Administration’s preparedness for and response to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. At the hearing, health officials testified about the severity of the coronavirus and contradicted many statements from the White House regarding how the Trump Administration is containing the outbreak, including alarming testimony from Dr. Anthony Fauci that Americans should expect “more cases and things will get worse than they are right now.” It is imperative that the we hear the unvarnished truth from these experts so that we can take the best steps forward to mitigate the spread of the virus and implement policies to help Americans weather this crisis.

At the second day of hearings, Dr. Fauci, who has served 6 Presidents, said that the current coronavirus testing system was "broken" and I am glad that today Governor Cuomo won long-sought approval to allow the state to approve more labs to run the tests.

According to the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the most important thing right now is for all of us to practice “social distancing.” This is the most effective strategy to slow new cases of COVID-19, and I am encouraged by the local policies put in place to limit the congregation of large crowds. Yesterday, both New York State and the New York City banned gatherings of 500 or more. For gatherings of less than 500 hundred people, the city is mandating occupancy reduced by half to provide social distancing including at restaurants and in houses of worship. The Governor is also working to ensure that New Yorkers have access to adequate medical supplies.


If you believe you have symptoms consistent with COVID-19 and require testing:

  1. First call your health provider BEFORE you go in, so they have time to prepare for your visit.
  2. If you do not have a provider, please call 311 to be connected to one.
  3. As a reminder, providers have specific guidelines about who can be tested.
  4. If a person has a severe respiratory syndrome (regardless of COVID status), they may be referred to the ER for immediate treatment.


In the interest of leading by example, I am encouraging my staff to work remotely. I am trying to do my part to implement policies for social distancing and to reduce the number of people commuting on mass transit. During this time, my offices will still be available to assist constituents who need help with a federal agency. You can always submit an opinion or request for help through my website or by calling 212-860-0606. For help with an issue that is particularly time sensitive, please email

I have seen firsthand the strength, determination, and community-mindedness of our great city and its many residents as we’ve faced natural disasters and terrorist attacks. Now is a time for us to work together, remain level-headed, and listen to the advice of our medical professionals and health authorities. I know that New York City will once again demonstrate our strength and resilience in this current time. 



Carolyn B. Maloney

Member of Congress


Helpful resources and information on COVID-19:


Coronavirus hotline: 1-888-364-3065


CDC website:


NYS DOH website regarding Coronavirus:


NYC Health website regarding Coronavirus:


Coronavirus page on my website:


TEXT COVID to 692692 for updates from NotifyNYC


For New Yorkers seeking testing:

Insured NYers should call their primary care doctor or 311 to find a health care provider who can perform testing.

Uninsured NYers should call Health + Hospitals (1- 844-NYC-4NYC /


To report price gouging: NYDOS is investigating reports of unfair price increases on products like cleaning supplies & hand sanitizer. Constituents can report suspected price gouging by calling 1-800-697-1220