Dec 12, 2017

Dear Friend,

My offices’ phones have been ringing off the hook, our inboxes are overflowing, and our social media alerts are pinging and all saying the same thing – we need to save net neutrality. I couldn’t agree more with all of you.

A free and open internet safeguards free speech, puts consumers first, and protects small businesses and innovators. But in just two days, the FCC will vote on Chairman Ajit Pai's plan to repeal the net neutrality rules, which if successful, would devastate the free and open internet we know today.

I want you to know that I am all in on the fight to save net neutrality. I’ve joined with the Congressional Progressive Caucus on a letter to Chairman Pai opposing any rollbacks to the Title II rules and I am supporting Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney’s bill to protect these critical safeguards. I am also supporting investigations into the bungled public comment period that has caused so many legitimate concerns. There is too much at stake right now to sit back and I will do everything possible to protect net neutrality.

Net neutrality means that internet providers need to treat all content the same – they cannot slow down or speed up access to selected content like news stories or websites. It keeps access to the internet equal for all content providers so that businesses – big and small – all have the same ability to reach the American people. It allows for startups and innovations and for a free flow of information.

I stand with those saying let’s #BreakTheInternet because if we don’t, the GOP FCC will.

In solidarity,

Carolyn B. Maloney

Member of Congress