A Great Week in New York

Jan 24, 2020

Dear Friend,


I love being home here in NYC during District Work Periods because I get to hear directly from you, the people of NY-12, about the issues you care about most and what you want to see me working on when I head back to Washington, DC.  


This week was a busy one! On Monday, I celebrated the great legacy and life of Dr. Marin Luther King Jr. with members of the National Action Network. On Tuesday, I joined local activists to protest the Trump Administration’s changes to the Community Reinvestment Act and on Wednesday, I rallied with 32BJ SEIU and airport workers in support of the Healthy Terminal Act.


More on all this below.


Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

It was an honor to join elected officials, activists, and members of the National Action Network to celebrate the life and legacy of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. – a man who used the power of his words, the force of his dreams, and his personal courage to change our country forever.


Dr. King once said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Today, those words are incredibly relevant. In the face of bigotry, hatred, and discrimination we must never stop fighting to honor Dr. King’s legacy and fight to make our great nation more just and more equal.


Protecting the Community Reinvestment Act

It’s no secret that the Trump Administration has viciously attacked longstanding civil rights law. Now, it is taking aim at the Community Reinvestment Act and proposing changes that would gut fundamental discrimination protections.


The Community Reinvestment Act is one of the most important anti-discrimination laws we have. It prevents banks from redlining, where banks literally draw red lines around low-income and minority communities on maps and decide not to lend to them.  It also puts an affirmative obligation on banks to lend to their local communities.  On Tuesday, I was proud to join with community activists in standing against Trump’s harmful proposal and gross discrimination. I’m committed to ensuring that banks continue to lend to local and underserved communities.


Fighting to Secure Healthcare for Airport Workers

On Wednesday, I stood with 32BJ SEIU and workers from one of our nation’s busiest airports – JFK – to fight for an issue that affects all Americans: quality and affordable healthcare.


Irresponsible contractors have doubled down on their poor treatment of workers and are pushing anti-union tactics designed to limit benefits. New York State must put a stop to this abuse by passing the Healthy Terminals Act and establishing higher minimum standards for pay and benefits to protect these hardworking New Yorkers. All workers deserve to be treated with dignity and securing adequate health care coverage is absolutely essential.


As always, your concerns still and always will remain my top priority. Please do not hesitate to email me through my website.


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Carolyn B. Maloney 

Member of Congress