A Busy Week

Oct 13, 2017

Dear Friend,

I take to heart that the first and most important duty of any elected official is to keep Americans safe and provide for their well-being. That is why this week I stood up for gun safety reforms and authored legislation to protect the 2020 Census. I also spoke out against, and took action to block, the President’s reckless efforts to sabotage the Affordable Care Act, and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’s decision to weaken Title IX protections for survivors of campus sexual assaults, among other things.

This past Saturday, I joined with local elected officials and gun safety advocates in New York City to call for tougher gun safety laws and to urge House Speaker Paul Ryan not to allow votes on bills that would weaken existing gun safety protections. Believe it or not, despite what happened in Las Vegas, some in Congress are still pushing bills to make it easier to purchase silencers and to force all states to accommodate concealed carry weapon permits from other states, regardless of how lax those state permitting laws may be. Instead of weakening our gun laws, we should be strengthening them. You can read more about my efforts to improve gun safety, including five bills I have authored, here.

Down in Washington, I introduced HR 4013, the 2020 American Census Improvement Act, to provide additional funding to make sure the 2020 Census is as accurate as possible. In many ways, if you are not counted, you do not count. The census determines everything from how many seats in Congress each state holds to how billions of dollars in federal aid are distributed around the country. Businesses across the country rely on Census data. Unfortunately, with just three years until the next Census, planning and preparation is far behind where it needs to be at this point. My bill would help get the 2020 Census back on track and I’m proud that it has been endorsed by the NAACP, ACLU, and Leadership Conference on Civil Rights and Human Rights, along with over a dozen other civil and human rights groups.

This week, I also joined the Democratic Women’s Working Group and survivors of sexual assault to denounce Secretary DeVos’s decision to rescind critical Title IX guidance issued under past administrations in order to prevent sexual assault on college campuses. Title IX ensures equality in education, including a school that is free of sexual harassment or assault. Rescinding the guidance makes schools less accountable for sexual assault response and prevention, and allows for discrimination against survivors. I am a proud original cosponsor of the Title IX Protection Act to reverse Secretary Devos’s harmful action.

Finally, I spoke out strongly this week against the Trump Administration’s threat to cut off federal law enforcement funding to New York City because we are a so-called “sanctuary city,” President Trump’s two executive actions to deliberately sabotage the Affordable Care Act, and the President’s outrageous statements about the disaster in Puerto Rico. These reckless actions and rhetoric will cause real harm for millions of Americans and I will resist them every step of the way.

These are just a few of the efforts I worked on this week. Below you can find more information about these issues, along with other matters I’ve been working on.

As always, your concerns for New York and for our nation remain my top priority; please visit my website to let me know what is on your mind and follow me on social media for daily updates.


Carolyn B. Maloney

Member of Congress

CBS New York: Local Lawmakers Call for Stricter Gun Laws in Wake of Las Vegas Shooting


Congress’s first priority should be to keep people safe, but when it comes to gun violence we are failing miserably. It’s time for Congress to pass common sense, effective reforms like universal background checks, an assault weapons ban, and stricter gun trafficking laws.

More about my event with local lawmakers and advocates here.


Census Caucus Co-Chairs, Members of Congress, Civil Rights Groups Announce New Bill to Get the 2020 Census Planning on Track

Counting every person in this country every ten years is a Constitutional obligation that dates back to our founding, yet because of chronic underfunding the 2020 Census is at serious risk of failure. My bill, the 2020 American Census Investment Act will make sure the Census Bureau has the funding it needs.

More about this effort here.

Maloney Joins Rep. Speier to Defend Title IX Protections for Sexual Assault Survivors

I am proud to join many of my colleagues on legislation to make permanent Title IX protections for sexual assault survivors. Secretary DeVos’s decision to rollback these protections threatens the safety and well-being of college students.


More on this new legislation here.

Maloney: Trump’s Sanctuary City Funding Threat is Outrageous and Moronic


The Trump Justice Department’s threat to cut off $4.3 million in federal funding for New York City law enforcement agencies because we are a so-called ‘sanctuary city’ is as outrageous as it is moronic. Cutting off this funding for the nation’s largest city and number one terrorist target will only make it more difficult to keep people safe. New Yorkers will not be intimidated. We will stand for our values and fight this tooth and nail. We are a city of immigrants and proud of it.



More on this threat here.

Maloney Slams Trump Actions to Undermine the ACA


Over the past two days, President Trump took actions to undermine the ACA and destabilize insurance markets instead of making sure that all Americans have access to affordable, quality care.


My statement on his Executive Order.

My statement on ending cost sharing reduction payments.


I hope you can join me at an Affordable Care Act Roundtable on October 29 at 11am at the Bellevue Hospital Auditorium.

Maloney Joins Wagner, Other Members to Call on USTR To Protect Sex Trafficking Victims in NAFTA Negotiations

Human trafficking is happening in every state of the U.S., and more and more of these criminal transactions are occurring online. Current law has unfortunately been interpreted to block victims from suing internet companies that actively facilitate online ads selling them for sex. As Congress is working to rectify this, I joined Rep. Wagner and others in urging Ambassador Lighthizer not to include current statutory language in any renegotiated NAFTA.  

Read the full letter sent to the Ambassador here.

Rep. Maloney Requests Full Committee Hearing on Equifax’s IRS Contract Awarded After Data Breach

The Equifax data breach exposed personal data of more than half of all adult Americans to identity theft. Given this security threat, I have deep concerns about the IRS’s decision to move forward with its $7.2 million no-bid contract with Equifax.


More about my request for a hearing here.


Rep. Maloney Joins Reps. Wagner and Gallagher Introduce Bill to Expand North Korea Policy and Sanctions


This summer, I travelled on an official 9-day Congressional Delegation trip to Hawaii, Japan, South Korea, and China to discuss the threat posed by North Korea. It’s clear that diplomatic options are the best way forward to pursue a denuclearized Korean peninsula.


More on my bill with Reps. Wagner and Gallagher here.

Marching in the 2017 Pulaski Day Parade



I am always delighted to be able to march in the annual Pulaski Day Parade, honoring the many contributions of the Polish community to our great nation.



More photos from the parade here.