Pregnancy Isn't a Disability

Mar 17, 2021
In The News

Congresswoman Maloney sits at her desk and her young daughter sits atop it. They are both looking at the camera.

Back as a young mom-to-be working alongside lawmakers in the New York state legislature, Carolyn Maloney asked about family leave policies. She was informed that no leave policy existed. Women just left – something Carolyn had no interest in doing. When she asked again, the legislature simply replied with, “You can just claim disability.”

Carolyn did not claim disability and she stayed in the legislature, but from that moment on, she became a champion of family leave policies to make sure no woman had to go through the same struggles she did, noted supporters, in addition to the following, “And since going to Congress, she has been a champion for women’s rights and gender equality by successfully supporting and passing legislation to help working families. In Congress, she has already supported legislation to provide safe, affordable childcare for all families, and she has been a vocal advocate for ensuring women are in all places decisions are made. But Carolyn knows that there is so much left to do.

“As a Representative, Maloney has always worked to solve the problems that women and families face:

While serving on the New York City Council and pregnant with her second child, she authored a campaign finance bill, went to debate on the bill, voted, and went into labor while in the City Council chambers.

She has taken on the Pink Tax and worked toward pay equity.

She has been a congressional leader in working toward passing the Equal Rights Amendment, a bill that will prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex and ensure the equal treatment of men and women in the eyes of the law.

She authored the Federal Employee Paid Leave Act that gave 2.1 million federal employees 12 weeks of paid parental leave, and has authored critical childcare and family care policies during the COVID-19 crisis.

Carolyn wants to use the federal government as a model for family work policy, and she will continue to fight to bring these policies to every workplace across the country.

“To anyone who knows Carolyn, these stories exemplify the passion and grit that motivate her to serve the public every day.”