Daily News Editorial: No SSNs for the SS

Oct 21, 2014
In The News

A search for some small measure of justice will go on as long as Nazi war criminals remain alive and unpunished. Never mind that almost seven decades have passed since they participated in the Holocaust. Never mind that they are well up in years, perhaps approaching 100.

The outrage is that some of the guilty are living out their last days with the help of Social Security payments sent out by Uncle Sam.

After World War II, former SS death camp guards and others made their way to America in the hope of leaving their crimes behind. Rather than fight to boot the group, the government made odious deals: If they left the country, they would keep their Social Security benefits.

As reported by the Associated Press, troops who worked in the camps, a rocket scientist accused of using slave labor to do his research, a Polish Nazi collaborator who facilitated the murder of thousands of Jews and others fled and kept their cash.

At least four are still alive — and collecting. Rep. Carolyn Maloney said she will draft legislation to strip benefits from Nazis.

Better late than never.