Missing Children

Congresswoman Maloney fought to pass the law that ensures every missing child is entered into the National Crime Information Center database. This policy makes certain that every step is taken to recover missing children and provide local law enforcement agencies with as much information as possible to find missing children and return them to their families.

When a child goes missing, it is imperative that everyone – parents, communities, and law enforcement – work together to find and protect him or her. For that reason, federal law already requires that every reported runaway be listed as a “missing person” in the National Crime Information Center database.

The NCIC database can be accessed by virtually every federal, state, and local law enforcement officer, allowing them to share information and work together. When a missing child is not entered in the database, he or she is much less likely to be found. Law enforcement officers simply don’t know there’s anyone to look for. Congresswoman Maloney has introduced legislation that will help find and protect runaway children by requiring law enforcement agencies to:

  • Certify that their agency is complying with federal law by entering all missing children into the NCIC database.
  • Provide the parents/guardians of missing children direct access to resources, including the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the National Runaway Switchboard.