2020 New York State Voting Information

This year, New York State is offering three different options to voters: early voting, election day voting, and mail-in voting. The CDC has also released safety practices should you decide to participate in in-person voting, which can be found HERE. I have included below all dates and deadlines to know about for voting in the upcoming November election.

Deadline to register: Friday, October 9, 2020

Deadline to request a mail-in ballot: Tuesday, October 27

Please note that USPS cannot guarantee timely delivery of ballots that have been requested less than 15 days before the election. Remember, request your ballot no later than Monday, October 19.

(You can request a ballot via the Board of Elections application HERE)

Election Day: Tuesday, November 3, 2020 (Your election day poll site can be found here HERE)

Early Voting: Saturday, October 24 - Sunday, November 1, 2020 (Your early voting poll site can be found HERE).

*** Note that if you choose to vote early, your election day poll site and early voting poll site will be different. ***

Deadline to return a mail-in ballot: By Tuesday, November 3, ballots must be postmarked. They can also be dropped off to your polling place or local Board of Elections by poll closing time on Election Day.

Can I vote by mail without an excuse? Due to the new executive order signed by Governor Cuomo, you can vote by mail if COVID-19 is your excuse. Check off 'temporary illness' on your application for a ballot.

Can I vote in-person even if I've requested, received, or returned a mail-in ballot? Yes, you can still vote in person (either early or on election day). If you have already returned your mail-in ballot, your in-person vote will ALWAYS override it.