Rep. Maloney Earn Perfect Rating from League of Conservation Voters

Feb 24, 2008 Issues: Environment

New York, NY - Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney (D-Manhattan & Queens) today announced that she had earned a perfect 100% rating from the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) for her record on environmental issues in the 110th Congress.  Representative Maloney was the only House Member representing any part of New York City to receive a perfect LCV rating.  Her perfect score, issued last week, marks the third congress in a row in which Maloney tied for the highest LCV rating of any member of the New York State congressional delegation.

In a statement released today at a forum on environmental sustainability hosted by Upper East Side City Councilwoman Jessica Lappin, Congresswoman Maloney said, “I’m proud to have gotten a 100% rating from the League of Conservation Voters, which has long been one of America’s most steadfast defenders of the environment.  New Yorkers may live in one of the most urban places in the country, but we share our fellow Americans’ desire to leave a clean, healthy world for future generations. 

“In this Congress, I introduced the bipartisan Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act, which would help preserve the resources and wildlife of this important region and draw wilderness boundaries according to science, not politics.  I look forward to continuing to work in Congress to protect our air, water, wildlife, and other vital natural resources, and fight against the Bush Administration’s anti-environment agenda,” she said.

On its website, LCV notes that its “biggest environmental highlight of 2007 was the passage and enactment into law of H.R. 6, the Energy Independence and Security Act,” which boosts fuel economy of cars and light trucks to 35 miles per gallon by 2020 – the first such increase for new cars, SUVs, and other light trucks since 1975.   In addition, LCV cited legislative provisions to strengthen clean air emissions, halt subsidies to construct logging roads in Alaska’s Tongass Rainforest, bar oil shale development on publicly owned lands, and boost spending for long-underfunded environmental and conservation agencies and programs.  Congresswoman Maloney strongly supported all of these efforts. 

For her longstanding commitment to and effective leadership in fighting to protect and preserve the environment throughout her career in elective office, Maloney has consistently earned perfect or near-perfect ratings from LCV, the Sierra Club, and other environmental watchdog organizations.  She is a top champion of mass transit in the House, helping to secure a full funding agreement with the federal government that will provide $1.3 billion in federal funds to build the first leg of the Second Avenue Subway and lobbying for better ferry service in the East River, including to and from Roosevelt Island.

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